Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I exit Toddler Lock?

A: Touch each of the 4 corners of the screen in a clockwise fashion (for example: top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left), or on devices with a physical keyboard, type q-p-space (that is the letter 'q', followed by the letter 'p', followed by the space bar). This will exit the children's section of Toddler Lock, and enter the settings/exit screen. In this screen you can change settings, or exit by pressing the exit button.

Q: Why do I get a dialog prompting me to make something the default when Toddler Lock starts up?

A: For "security" reasons, the Android platform requires this as of Android 2.1. You should only need to do this once, and it won't interfere with normal usage of the phone when you're not using Toddler Lock.
Unfortunately, there is a bug in the Android 2.1 update that can make some applications conflict with Toddler Lock, and you won't be able to use Toddler Lock until you uninstall those other applications. As of version 2.0, Toddler Lock can help you identify and uninstall the conflicting applications.

Q: Why does Toddler Lock keep asking me to set the default application on my Samsung phone?

A: There is a bug in some Samsung phones that can cause them to go into an infinite crash-and-restart-loop, requiring a factory reset to get them back to working order. To work around this bug, Toddler Lock needs to be reconfirmed every time it starts up. On some phones, you may also have to reconfirm your default home screen again when you exit Toddler Lock.

Q: Toddler Lock stopped making sound, how do I get it back?

A: The volume is probably turned down. Go to the settings screen using the same touch pattern or key sequence described above, then make sure the 'sound enabled' checkbox is checked, and adjust the volume using the volume buttons on your phone.

Q: My child can still turn the phone off, can you fix that?

A: Sadly, no. The Android operating system does not allow the power button to be intercepted, again for "security" reasons. While your data should still be safe (even if your child turns the phone back on, it will start up in Toddler Lock again), it is unfortunate that the power button cannot be blocked. You might consider filing a feature request for this at

Q: Will Toddler Lock run on my iPhone?

A: Toddler Lock only runs on Android powered phones, such as the G1, MyTouch, Droid, Nexus, etcetera, and therefore does not run on the iPhone.

Q: Why does Toddler Lock want access to the network and my location?

A: This is for the ad that is displayed at the bottom of the settings screen. The ad is fetched over the network, and your (approximate) location is used to make the ad more relevant to you.